Yuns - Storyteller CD Bullet, Bill Yuns

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Yuns - Storyteller: The Chronicles Of William Osborn CD
2005 Yun Stand Me? Records

15 Tracks Featuring:
Chosen, Dante Thomas, Mycle Wastman, Tiffany Wilson, Hypnotik & Angwish

1. Hold My Head High
2. Take Me Away (Feat. Chosen)
3. Breathe & Stop (Feat. Tiffany Wilson)
4. Hands Up
5. Radio (Feat. Dante Thomas)
6. Hip Hop Love Song
7. She's Gone (Feat. Mycle Wastman)
8. After The Rain
9. All Of Me (Feat. Tiffany Wilson)
10. Fame
11. Good Foot (Feat. Hypnotik)
12. Changes (Feat. Tiffany Wilson)
13. Red Wine (Feat. Angwish)
14. The Way That It Is
15. Mexico