Pop Yo Collar - Chapter 1: The Art Of Thug Pimpin DVD

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Pop Yo Collar - Chapter 1: The Art Of Thug Pimpin' DVD
2006 Dubble Barrell Records & Films

This film is a throw back to the mack. Many have tried to emulate and capture the knowledge, wisdom and ispiration that the mack demonstrated in the 70's. This by far is not the mack, American Pimp or Pimps Up Hoes Down. This is the new testament, the art of Thug Pimpin. It features Bay Area Godfathers Fillmoe Slim, Gangsta Brown, Kenny Red & Mac Squeeze. Plus also introducing the next generation of the Thug Pimps, K.P., J. Sweet, Young Spyder, J. Rich, Willie Hen, Dru Down and J. Colone.

The Ghetto Bible explains the fundamentals and craftsmanship of manipulation to the highest degree. The street bible can be used as a learning vehicle to understand and respect the lifestyle of which these Thug Pimps pursue. It truly defines the gap between Thug Pimps, hoes to tricks. Macks and players, gangsters and hustlers. From the gutter to the butter.

Features Thug Pimps:
Fillmoe Slim
Gangsta Brown
Kenny Red
Mac Squeeze
J. Sweet
Young Spyder
J. Rich
Willie Hen
Dru Down
J. Colone
and others