Hustle Boys - Freshmen Rookies Of The Year CD Presented By Goldtoes

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Goldtoes Presents:

Hustle Boys - Freshmen Rookies Of The Year CD
2008 Thizz Latin / Black-N-Brown

16 Tracks Featuring:
Kin Smacka, Mack Miss, Heat, Eddi Projex, Doonie of The Federation, Small Mall, Yung Cass, Seasunz, Yungin Impress, Jimmy Roses, San Quinn, Big Rut, Ricky Gorden, Milliown, Moe Killa, Berner, Sir Loe, KS & Chaos

1. Welcome To Frisco (Feat. Kin Smacka, Mack Miss & Heat)
2. Candy House (Feat. Eddi Projex)
3. Get Money (Feat. Doonie)
4. Like That (Feat. Small Mall)
5. Gotta Win (Feat. Yung Cass)
6. Freshmen (Feat. Seasunz & Yungin Impress)
7. Get It Poppin' (Feat. Jimmy Roses)
8. Rockin' Rolla (Feat. Yungin Impress & Heat)
9. Change (Feat. San Quinn, Big Rut & Ricky Gorden)
10. Rock Hard (Feat. Milliown)
11. Wett (Feat. Moe Killa)
12. Rekop (Feat. Yung Cass & Berner)
13. Feel Me (Feat. Heat)
14. Know Bout It (Feat. Sir Loe, KS & Chaos)
15. Nothing To Lose (Feat. Kin Smacka)
16. I Wanna Be Free (Big Rut)