Indecent & Krypto - Rap Athletes: Track Meet 707 CD

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Manufacturer: Krypto
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Indecent & Krypto - Rap Athletes: Track Meet 707 CD
2006 Slapmaster Productions

13 Tracks Featuring:
Meal Ticket, Stric-9, Young Dru, Mac Dre, Mouth Piece, Lerek, The Illest, Rux, Uptown, Get Ricch, Kobra Abysmal & Slim Face

1. Rap Athletes
2. Believe Me (Feat. Meal Ticket, Stric-9, Mouth Piece, Lerek & The Illest)
3. Do You Want To Ride (Feat. Young Dru)
4. Playin'
5. Y'all Dudes (Feat. Rux & Uptown)
6. Looking At The World
7. Follow Me
8. Slump Like (Feat. Get Ricch & Kobra Abysmal)
9. Can't Resist (Feat. Rux)
10. No More Left (Feat. Slim Face & Mac Dre)
11. Wrap It Up
12. Keep It Clean
13. Breaking Me Down

True Hip Hop Groups are a seemingly dying breed. Gone are the days when artists with a true connection hooked up to make ground breaking music. These days, the majority of Rap