Vic Da Baron - History In The Making CD

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Manufacturer: Vic Da Baren
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Vic Da Baron - History In The Making CD
2008 Grindstone Entertainment

18 Tracks Featuring:
E-40, Turf Talk, Numskull of The Luniz, Red Bone MC, Mike Green, B-Cuzz, L-$, Frank Stacks, Wick, Young Mac, Prince Bugsy & Nyte Rydah

1. Intro: History In The Making
2. Adjust Da Bass (Feat. Turf Talk & E-40)
3. Killa Kali (Feat. RedBone MC)
4. Gangstaz, Thugz, Hustlaz, Go-Gettaz (Feat. Mike Green & B-Cuzz)
5. Thru Da Eyez
6. 6 Million Wayz 2 Die (Feat. RedBone MC)
7. Single & Free
8. She's The 1
9. Do It Movin' (Feat. RedBone The R&B)
10. Everyday (Feat. L-$, Frank Stacks & RedBone MC)
11. Talkin' Like A Pimp (Feat. Numskull of The Luniz)
12. Slap Dat
13. Get High (Feat. Mike Green & B-Cuzz)
14. Baller Baller (Feat. Wick & RedBone The R&B)
15. Wack-Ass (Feat. Wick & Young Mac)
16. Show You Right (Feat. Prince Bugsy)
17. Close Your Eyez (Feat. Nyte Rydah)
18. Outro: If You Don't Come Back

Vic Da Baron Bio

Vic knew he was destined for success early on in life. A natural-born hustler and bona fide artist, Vic Da Baron exhibited signs of unusually high intelligence and gained a reputation for his talents at a young age. Dealing with a loss as a youth introduced him to the harsh realities of inner city Oakland where he grew up. Profoundly affected by the brutal murder of his mother, Catrina, a soul and gospel singer and Vic