Lil Hyfe of The Regime - Shotz Fired Mix CD

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Manufacturer: Lil Hyfe
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Lil Hyfe of The Regime - Shotz Fired CD
2006 The Bureau Records

28 Tracks Featuring:
Yukmouth, Messy Marv, The Jacka, Mistah F.A.B., The Reason, The H-Squad, Cassie, Spitbol, Kleet Da Banger, J-Hollow, Bugga Maroo & Young Blakk of Village Kidz

1. Intro (Yukmouth)
2. Start Frum Scratch
3. Me And You: Remix (Feat. Cassie)
4. Ain't No Bitch In Me
5. Round Here: Remix
6. Im'ma Banger (Feat. Spitbol & Kleet Da Banger)
7. Baby Girl: Remix (Feat. J-Hollow of Village Kidz)
8. The Reason
9. Black Tie: Freestyle (Feat. The Reason)
10. Go On Girl (Feat. Kleet Da Banger, Spitbol & Young Blakk of Village Kidz)
11. Cum 2 Da Zone
12. Freestyle
13. Skit
14. Fukkin Wit Hyfe
15. Shine (Feat. Bugga Maroo of Village Kidz & Spitbol)
16. Fukk What You Bangin' (Feat. Yukmouth & Messy Marv)
17. Pussy Ass Nigga (Feat. Spitboi)
18. Scopes N Beams
19. Skit
20. Where Da Cash At
21. So Dipped
22. Kleet Da Banger
23. Couple Grand: Remix (Kleet Da Banger)
24. My Lifestyle
25. Tryin 2 Make Doe (Feat. The Jacka)
26. Young Niggaz Go
27. Juice
28. Gee Ohh: Bonus Track (The Reason, Mistah F.A.B. & The H-Squad)